Advanced Sniper & Instructor Program



The OpTac International Advanced Sniper & Instructor Program, hosted by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police Dept., will be held July 22-27, 2017 in Dulles, Virginia.

This intense program teaches advanced sniper tactics and operational marksmanship skills. A strong emphasis is placed on urban sniping, the construction of urban hides, engagement of moving targets and targets at unknown distances, cold bore stress shots, fieldcraft/stalking, deployment skills, scenarios, and sniper instructional methods. There are no prerequisites to attend this program. However, attendees seeking Sniper Instructor Certification must have successfully completed the OpTac International Police Sniper Program and possess instructor certification (in any area) from their own jurisdiction or state training commission.

The cost to attend the OpTac International Advanced Sniper & Instructor Program is $899 per person. Any officer attending the preceding Police Sniper Program in Dulles, Virginia (July 17-21, 2017) will receive a $100 discount off of the Advanced Program tuition. There is limited space available, therefore, paid reservations are accepted on a priority basis.

Subject Areas:

  • Operating in an urban environment
  • Construction of urban hides
  • Establishing a sniper training matrix
  • Proper shooting positions
  • Effects of shooting through glass
  • Positioning and camouflage/concealment techniques
  • Sniper coding/reporting systems
  • Tactical diagramming
  • Fieldcraft/stalking
  • Overcoming the environment
  • Engagement of moving targets
  • Low-light/nighttime live-fire
  • Target identification exercises
  • Range estimation and range estimation exercises
  • Command-fire exercises
  • Guidelines for sniper utilization and deployment
  • Safety training standards and protocol
  • Pedagogy
  • Instructional techniques
  • Live-fire shooting exercises used to simulate actual emergency response operations
  • Scenarios