Tactical Command Program



The OpTac International Tactical Command Program, will be held June 25-27, 2018 in Hagerstown, Maryland.

This program provides attendees with realistic guidelines and practical exercises to prepare for and enhance their command of Special Weapons and Tactics teams. Classroom presentations and tabletop exercises provide a detailed understanding of raid planning and execution, command post operations, legal and ethical decision-making, critical incident management, SWAT fitness, and tactical applications on emergency response operations. An emphasis is placed on the relationship between the selection and training requirements of tactical team personnel, and department liability. The cost to attend the OpTac International Tactical Command Program is $599 per person. There is limited space available, therefore, paid reservations are accepted on a priority basis.

Subject Areas:

  • Overview of emergency response operations
  • Critical incident management
  • Legal and ethical decision-making
  • Legal updates
  • Liability concerns for command staff personnel
  • Operating a tactical command post
  • Selection of SWAT team personnel
  • SWAT team training concerns and requirements
  • Physical standards for SWAT team personnel
  • Raid planning and execution
  • Interactive tabletop exercises