Officer Safety

OpTac International, Inc. is committed to the research and development of training and operational safety standards. Officer safety is paramount to the success of any tactical operation. Safety standards must be incorporated in training, operational planning, and deployment tactics. We encourage you to view and adopt our safety protocols. Questions and comments may be directed to

Officer Safety

Safety Standards & Protocol-Training (215KB)

Article- Why Are We Killing Ourselves (301KB)

FBI agents speak out on injuries from faulty grenades (840KB)

Officer Commits Suicide after Stun Gun Death (266KB)

Columbus SWAT Officer Dies During Training (262KB)

Missouri Officer Wounded by Friendly Fire (264KB)

Article-Discharge By Safety Officer (236KB)

Gun Range Accident: Indiana Officer Fatally Shoots Fellow Officer (292KB)

Gun Range Accident (100KB)

Article- Ohio Shotgun Discharge (96KB)

Article- LAPD Instructor Shoots Colleague in Training (112KB)

Texas Officer Shot in Training Session (57KB)

FBI HRT Member Killed in Training Accident (40KB)

Article- NY Cops Shot During Call (88KB)

Article- Accidental Gunshots Vex LAPD (120KB)

Article- Officer Accidently Shoots Self (244KB)

Officer Interest

DARPA’s New Experimental Sniper Bullet

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