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Hostage Rescue

Van Buren v. United States

Qualified Immunity 

Identifying  Learning Strategies that Impact Tactical and Incident Command Decision-Making in a High-Threat Situation 

Tabletop Challenge Part 3

Tabletop Challenge Part 2

Tabletop Challenge

Deadly Discharges

Police Suicide

Officers Shot Update

Tabletop Challenge Answers

Tabletop Challenge Part 2

Tabletop Challenge

Follow-up to Deadly Force Tabletop Exercise

Tabletop Exercise

Social Uprising in America Op-ed

Hostage Rescue or Casualty Reduction

Law Enforcement Officers Shot in May 2016

Critical Elements of Tactical Team Policy

Law Enforcement Officers Shot in April 2016

Law Enforcement Officers Shot in March 2016

Line of Duty Deaths

South Carolina Supreme Court Decision and Tabletop Exercise

Does the Fifth Amendment apply to law enforcement officers?

Heroic Actions and a Younger Generation

Law Enforcement Response to Hostage Rescue

SWAT Operations and Critical Incidents: Why People Die

Police Standards and Officer Performance

Criminal Indictments of Law Enforcement Officers

2014 Line of Duty Deaths

Media Relations

SWAT Tactics

Outstanding Police Work

Criminal Indictments and Deadly Discharges

Organizational Conditions and Hostage Rescue

Importance of Proper Training and Good Decisions

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