Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement / Military

OpTac International provides extensive leadership experience to address the specialized needs of law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. We have trained domestic and international counter-terrorism teams, military Special Forces units, and municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Our programs include realistic exercises and scenarios designed to reinforce classroom instruction. Each program’s base curriculum provides in-depth knowledge so that the course graduate can successfully apply the principles learned toward conflict resolution.

OpTac International offers professional training programs in the following areas:

  1. Critical Incident Management
  2. Tactical Command
  3. Advanced Tactical Command
  4. Police Leadership Development
  5. Behavioral Science
  6. Death and Officer-Involved Shootings
  7. Understanding Violence and the Workplace
  8. Supervisory Development
  9. Counter-Terrorism
  10. Hostage Rescue Operations
  11. Counter-Terrorism Hostage Rescue
  12. Police Response to Incidents of Domestic and International Terrorism
  13. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  14. SWAT Operations
  15. Correctional Facility Tactical Operations
  16. Airport Tactical Operations
  17. Aircraft/Anti-Hijack Tactical Operations
  18. Tactical Waterborne Operations
  19. Tactical Train Operations
  20. Vehicle Tactical Operations
  21. Advanced Firearms Proficiency
  22. Sniper Operations
  23. Police Sniper
  24. Urban Sniper Operations
  25. Waterborne Sniper Operations
  26. Advanced Sniper & Instructor
  27. Counter-Sniper Operations
  28. Urban & Airport Sniper Operations
  29. Counter-Terrorist Sniper Operations
  30. Advanced CQB
  31. Advanced Submachine Gun Instructor
  32. Advanced Tactical Rifle Instructor
  33. Advanced Tactical Handgun Operation
  34. Tactical Breaching Instructor
  35. Clandestine Laboratory Operations
  36. High-Risk Warrant Service
  37. Observation & Surveillance Operations
  38. Search &Tracking Operations
  39. Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist Certification
  40. SWAT Fitness Specialist Certification
  41. Chemical Munitions
  42. Less-Lethal Weaponry
  43. Chemical Agent, Less-Lethal, & Diversionary Device Instructor Certification
  44. Tactical Negotiations
  45. Civil Disturbance Incidents
  46. Special Event Security Preparation
  47. Tactical Emergency Medical Response
  48. Executive/Dignitary Protection
  49. Personal Security Defensive Driver
  50. Narcotics and Undercover Operations
  51. Instructor Certification and Development
  52. Secure Facility Threat Assessment

All programs can be customized to meet your agency’s specific requirements and operational concerns. For more information on specific courses offered or to schedule a customized training program for your agency,┬áplease contact our office.

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