Executive Protection

Executives, professional athletes, performers, government officials, and other high-profile individuals are under ever-increasing public demand. Protecting their livelihood, privacy, and public image from unwanted intrusion is imperative.

Based in the Washington, DC area, the OpTac International team of tactically trained, current and former law enforcement professionals is certified to carry concealed weapons throughout the country, and has extensive experience managing high-profile protection assignments and event security with the utmost discretion.

Our experts conduct comprehensive threat assessments in which potential risks are identified before they occur, and when necessary, provide a rapid response to ensure every client's complete protection. We work with our clients to determine optimal strategies for high or low visibility protection, as each assignment is customized to address specific client concerns and potential threats.

Many members of our staff are bi-lingual and represent global diversity, thereby allowing for seamless travel into any region of the world. We are able to accommodate domestic and international requests on very short notice.

For further information on our protection services please contact our office.

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