OpTac International has trained law enforcement and military professionals worldwide. As the leader in innovative command strategies, training protocols, and SWAT tactics we have been credited with providing operational solutions for complex critical incidents.

Commanders and tactical team members have commented:

“Thank you for your training as I know our ERT team has benefited from it and in this way you contributed to the response and outcome [the successful conclusion to a manhunt for a suspect that executed a Deputy Sheriff].”

Captain Michael Allen
Polk County, Florida Sheriff’s Office

“The [OpTac International] Tactical Command Program was awesome. The instructors were excellent. This Command Program should be mandatory for all commanders. Excellent training!!”

Assistant Chief Robert Tam Ho
Maui, Hawaii Police Department

“I really enjoyed the Tactical Command course and the Advanced Tactical Command course is awesome. I learned a lot and will be working hard to make some positive changes to my team. Awesome stuff! Thank you.”

Lieutenant Joseph Young
Clearwater, Florida Police Dept.

“The OpTac International Tactical Command Program was absolutely beneficial. The instructors were knowledgeable, experienced, and respected. This course provided me with information to determine if our team is compliant in all areas of SWAT operations. Thank you!”

Lieutenant Anthony Cobaugh
Louisville, Kentucky Police Department

“Thanks again for your attention to realistic training details in the OpTac International Advanced Tactical Command Program. I feel much better [having attended] your course now. Your program can go toe to toe with anyone’s. We went in open to your material and ideas and were not disappointed. You’ve earned our respect.”

Assistant Chief Rick Parker
Homeland Security
Commanding Officer
Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office SWAT

“As a new SWAT Commander, it [OpTac International Tactical Command Program] was outstanding information & training. The instructors were very experienced & knowledgeable – kept the class engaged- very good! I really enjoyed this class. Lots of good information for things I am working on: policies, selection process, & physical standards. The tabletop exercises were great; I really enjoyed them! Thank you!”

Lieutenant Laurie Galvan
Mesa Co., Colorado Sheriff’s Office

The [OpTac International Tactical Command Program] exposed the liability aspects of tactical teams and tactical commanders. The instructors were prepared, organized, and timely. This was just what I was looking for in a tactical command program.”

Sergeant Todd Raymond
Bonneville Co., Idaho Sheriff’s Office

“I liked the case by case hands on nature of the [OpTac International Advanced Tactical Command] program. The instructors were very good at getting the ideas out to the class. Great class – Thanks!”

Captain Timothy Klein
Burbank, Illinois Police Dept.

“The [OpTac International Tactical Command Program] was well presented with great instructors. We are a new team and I have gained much confidence from your program. Thanks – I am looking forward to the advanced class.”

Captain J.B. Stutts
Southampton Co., Virginia Sheriff’s Office

“The [OpTac International Tactical Command Program] presented tactical operations from the command perspective. The instructors were very knowledgeable, interesting, and put everything into perspective.”

Chief Jack Shackelford
Muscogee Creek Nation, Oklahoma Lighthorse Tribal Police

“I thought the [OpTac International Tactical Command] Program was very beneficial and I took a lot of information from it. I liked every area of the program. The instructors did a good job of teaching. I hope you offer more programs in Indiana.”

Sergeant Dana Coleman
Charlestown, Indiana Police Dept.

“It [OpTac International Tactical Command Program] was a very good class. I think all SWAT members would benefit in order to see the big picture. I would like our entire team to attend this class. It helped to confirm some of our policy questions and our physical requirements. Mr. Meyers was the instructor and did a very good job – very motivated all three days.”

Captain David Griggs
La Plata Co., Colorado Sheriff’s Office

“This is a very good program that provides us with a basis to grow as tactical officers.”

Lieutenant Curtis Davis
Roanoke, Virginia Police Dept.

“The class [OpTac International Tactical Command Program] kept my interest. The instructors were very knowledgeable and good speakers. I enjoyed the whole class. Great Class!”

Officer Bob Lininger
Federal-Heights, Colorado Police Dept.

“The OpTac International Advanced Tactical Command Program provided excellent subject matter. The instructors were great, dynamic, and passionate – knowledgeable in all areas of SWAT tactics.”

Corporal Steven McInchak
Lincoln Park, Michigan Police Department

“The instructors [at the OpTac International Hostage Rescue Program] had excellent knowledge and teaching ability. I liked the real world application of past lessons learned. Thank you.”

Sergeant Corey Jones
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Police Dept.

“The OpTac International Hostage Rescue Program was very informative. The practical exercises were the best. The instructors were knowledgeable and did an outstanding job.”

Lead Officer Thomas Shinn
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Police Dept.

“The OpTac International Tactical Operations Program was very beneficial. I liked learning the new tactics. The instructors were very motivated. Your company has done a great job.”

Sergeant Mickey Dixon
Citrus Co., Florida Sheriff’s Office

“This program [OpTac International Tactical Operations Program] provided hands on, practical training for SWAT Operations. The instructors were very experienced, knowledgeable, good speakers, and provided great challenges for our team. Great instructors and the tactics taught should help this team making it safer due to the training received.”

Deputy Ryan Glaze
Citrus Co., Florida Sheriff’s Office

“I loved every part of the OpTac International Tactical Operations Program, especially the hand-on training. Awesome school and instructors. Thank you.”

Deputy Juan Berrios
Citrus Co., Florida Sheriff’s Office

“The instructors [at the OpTac International Tactical Operations Program] have a vast amount of experience, were level-headed, supportive of our agency, and were very knowledgeable. I particularly liked the hands on practicals, team building exercises, and the actual entries.”

Deputy Douglas Lofreddo
Citrus Co., Florida Sheriff’s Office

“Thank you for the excellent training. In the 11 days I have been here, I have gone from here’s your rifle, to being a functional sniper that feels comfortable on deployments. The pace and high expectations gave me a feeling of achievement at graduation. I feel very fortunate to have attended this class and confident I now have the skills to start my sniping career!”

Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Bradley
Elbert Co., Colorado Sheriff’s Office

“The OpTac International Police Sniper and Advanced Sniper & Instructor Programs were professional, concise, and presented very well – the best sniper training I have attended yet. I wish I would have attended this class 12 years ago. The courses gave me the direction to lead and properly prepare our sniper teams. Job well done! Great class and great instructors – Thank you!”

Lieutenant Darren Gilbert
Utah Co., Utah Sheriff’s Office

“I would like to thank you again for conducting a tremendous class. The experience was far more than learning the ins and outs of police sniper training. Your quality of instruction is second to none. Not only did your course prepare one for the position of police sniper when called upon, it also provides the individual with the confidence to complete any physical or mental task under various demanding conditions. Graduating will stand among my top accomplishments.”

Deputy Rick Reuschling
Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Office

“I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed your Advanced Sniper and Instructor Program. I have been through several sniper schools and none have come close to teaching me as much practical and operational tactics as yours did. I truly understand where you got the idea for your company now. The stalks, especially the urban stalk, really add the realism to your training program that seems to be lacking in other programs. Thank you very much.”

Detective Lex Bell
Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team

“What I liked best about this program is its having a set standard on the written test and range qualification. I liked the fact that you are challenged and are not just given a certificate.”

Deputy William Hanna
Charleston Co., South Carolina Sheriff’s Office

“Having zero experience on the rifle prior to the [OpTac International Police Sniper Program], I appreciate the confidence this course has given me. Thanks for everything.”

Special Agent Joshua Espiritu
U.S. Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, San Diego, California SRT

“I would like to thank both instructors for sharing their knowledge and skills in order to provide me with the skill and confidence in my shooting abilities. I liked the opportunity for 1 on 1 instruction if needed. Thanks Again – Excellent [Police Sniper] Program! I hope to be in the Advanced Sniper and Instructor Program soon.”

Deputy Phillip Foster
Charleston Co., South Carolina Sheriff’s Office

“I liked that the [OpTac International Police Sniper Program] wasn’t a Gentleman’s Course and was able to teach basic marksmanship along with being challenging. Everything here was TOPS.”

Special Agent Douglas Rudolph
U.S. Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, Del Rio, Texas SRT

“The [OpTac International Counter-Terrorist Sniper Program] offers a serious approach to marksmanship and sniping. It is dedicated to precision and is for those looking for a new challenge ahead. Stuart’s knowledge and examples are in the pioneer stage of transformation of sniping for police and counter-terrorist teams. He leads with what he believes and is an excellent speaker. His classes will truly benefit those who attend and hopefully graduate.”

CWO4 Robin Chan, Commander
Singapore Special Operations Force

“All information [at the OpTac International High-Risk Warrant Service Program] was very important. I liked best the vehicle takedowns. The instructors were top notch, very professional, and presented the information very well. Continue using this venue for future training.”

Special Agent John Mansell
Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center

“The [OpTac International High-Risk Warrant Service Program] was extremely beneficial. Real type situations were discussed and examined. The instructors were very knowledgeable. I will be contacting you for future training.”

Officer Tim Dean
Delaware Juvenile Court

“The classes at the [OpTac International High-Risk Warrant Service Program] were presented in a logical sequence. I liked acquiring a base knowledge of room clearing techniques & team movement. The instructors were patient with very professional presentations and practical applications. Continue the good training.”

Officer Chris Fishel
State College, Pennsylvania Police Dept.

“Stuart Meyers and his staff are to be commended on another job – Symposium well done. The instructors, OpTac International staff, and hotel were excellent. These Symposiums are a benefit to every SWAT sniper & commander. The knowledge and information gained is most valuable to the success and survival of law enforcement everywhere.”

Sergeant Gordon Adams
Vermilion, Ohio Police Department

“Once again, OpTac International/Operational Tactics has put together a comprehensive and informational program for the SWAT/Sniper community. The combination of state/local domestic issues, together with international issues, shows how our mission has no borders. Bringing together all aspects of snipers, commanders, and operational members from all over the US and abroad, has allowed us to network where we would normally stand alone.”

Sergeant Scott Orton
South Kingstown, Rhode Island Police Department

“I was once again impressed with Stuart Meyers’ program, attention to detail, and professionalism. This is one of the very reasons my sniper team will continue to attend OpTac International/Operational Tactics courses and follow their specific guidelines to police sniping.”

Officer Todd Finch
Greeley, Colorado Police Department

“A very good, interesting, and information packed Symposium. All instructors had first hand experience on the related issues. Congratulations to the staff and instructors at OpTac International and Operational Tactics on your 10 th Anniversary & 9 th Symposium. See you next year!!!”

Major Sarwan Boodram
Trinidad and Tobago Special Operations Unit

“This was my first Symposium. The best things about the Symposium were the real incident stories. It was nice to hear other people tell their experience. EVERY instructor & guest speaker conducted themselves extremely professional. They ALL gave valuable instruction. This Symposium has opened the eyes of my sniper team partner & I.”

Officer Daniel Buffa
Washtenaw Co., Michigan Sheriff’s Office

“The [OpTac International] SWAT Fitness Specialist Certification Program was definitely beneficial for my agency. I especially liked the way the design and assessment [Operational Fitness Standards] were explained along with functional training specific to SWAT. Thank you for the opportunity to train with you guys.”

Chief Instructor James Brabon
Tactical & Operational Readiness Group, Australia

“This class [OpTac International SWAT Fitness Specialist Certification Program] was exactly what I hoped it would be. The instructors were outstanding. We have been using your test for about 2 years and I finally feel confident to administer it correctly. Please consider coming back to Livermore on future occasions.”

Detective Paul Mayer
Livermore, California Police Dept.

“The SWAT Fitness Specialist Certification Program was a real eye opener. Hopefully, I can get my team to embrace this program and incorporate the operational fitness requirements into our training. I would like to thank, you [Stuart Meyers] and Matt [Brzycki], you both have a wealth of knowledge regarding fitness standards for SWAT Teams and it was a pleasure attending this course.”

Detective Eric Forrester
San Mateo Co., California Sheriff’s Office

“The [OpTac International SWAT Fitness Specialist Certification Program] provided a better understanding of a total weightlifting program. The instructors were excellent. The PT test learned in class will really benefit my department. This was an excellent class. I am glad you took the time to make PT a big part of SWAT training.”

Officer Keith Taparausky
Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council

“I believe the information presented will be very beneficial. If our agency fully adopts these standards, our SWAT officers will benefit greatly. I really liked the performance of the [OpTac International] Operational SWAT Test. There was no area in this program that was not important. My opinions of the instructors are: Matt is a very personable and knowledgeable teacher; Stuart is very intelligent and an excellent teacher. Keep us abreast of current and future training.”

Officer Richard Brown
Henrico Co., Virginia Division of Police

“I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your help and insight. You guys were awesome, and coming from the guy in the class that had the least experience of anyone, [the OpTac International Tactical Breaching Instructor Program] was some of the best training I’ve had. Thanks for letting us take all the time we needed to feel more comfortable. Our whole team was fortunate enough to attend the OpTac International National SWAT/Sniper Symposium, in Maryland last year and I’m hoping we get to come back!”

Deputy Jason Williams
Henry Co., Indiana Sheriffs Dept.

“I recently completed the OpTac International Tactical Breaching Instructor Program, in Chesapeake Virginia. The instructors provided a wealth of knowledge through their instruction at class. Both were well received by the class on all of the subjects covered. I would like to personally thank both Barry and Bobby for their outstanding instruction. I believe that I can effectively instruct the officers of my department, as well as, agencies that surround my area. Again, thanks for your time.”

Officer Joseph L. Eckenrod
Johnstown, Pennsylvania Police Dept.

“This [OpTac International Law Enforcement/Military Instructor Certification] Program increased my ability as an instructor. Through presentations & classroom, I have a much stronger foundation in the art of teaching. The instructors were the best I have ever had in this subject matter.”

Officer Jason Pitts
Longmont, Colorado Police Dept.

“The [OpTac International Law Enforcement/Military Instructor Certification Program] is looked highly upon by my agency and SWAT Team chain of command. I liked the group participation and the challenges Stuart always brings with his schools. The instructors were excellent as always. I would expect nothing less. I enjoyed this class. My expectations were met. I didn’t have any doubts that it wouldn’t have.”

Officer Todd Finch
Greeley, Colorado Police Dept.

“The [OpTac International Law Enforcement/Military Instructor Certification Program] provided me with more opportunity for public speaking in a tough academic setting. It threw me out of my comfort zone which made the class beneficial. The instructors were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and believe in law enforcement professionalism. Thanks.”

Officer Arpod Bality
Longmont, Colorado Police Dept.

“[The OpTac International Police Leadership Development Program] was beneficial for my agency and me. The instructors were extremely professional, knowledgeable, very informative, and well prepared.”

Sergeant Jonas Eddington
North Miami Beach, Florida Police Dept.

“I love your book, SWAT Fitness. It is perhaps the greatest single body of knowledge on Law Enforcement conditioning on the market today. I would like permission to use a great deal of the information in my departments own Physical Fitness program, designing a Physical Training Manual on the information contained in this awesome book. Again, this is perhaps the best book on the market today!”

Clint Cassingham
Security Analyst/ Safety Coordinator
Santa Fe Protective Services, Inc.

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