Curriculum Development

Law enforcement education, instruction, and training is paramount in meeting the complex expectations of today’s society.  OpTac International offers cutting edge curriculum development and instructional design for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Our services focus on adult learning theory and innovative educational strategies based on the latest research in the field.

Let our education specialists and subject matter experts develop a custom course or scenario-based training to meet your agency’s specific concerns. Our staff is comprised of active-duty and retired law enforcement professionals with vast expertise including: development of course curriculum and instructional design, instructor development and certification programs, operations-related tabletop exercises, and realistic practical scenarios.

OpTac International also offers development of a wide variety of objective-based training materials and guides, presentations, and other instructional tools for all course levels. In addition to our development services, let our experienced professionals instruct your personnel at all levels of contemporary law enforcement education. Our team has trained over 1,000 different law enforcement and military agencies around the globe and looks forward to meeting your educational needs.

Please contact our office to obtain further information on how we can provide your agency with educational solutions.

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