SWAT Operations and Critical Incidents: Why People Die

by Stuart A. Meyers


Special Weapons and Tactics teams respond to life and death situations with an ever-increasing frequency around the world, thus bringing the necessity for improved outcomes to the forefront of society. 

So, how can law enforcement agencies effectively prepare for these dangerous and volatile events? What role do organizational conditions within a given agency play when its personnel respond to terrorist, hostage rescue, and other high-risk tactical operations?
In SWAT Operations and Critical Incidents: Why People Die, Stuart Meyers presents his prize-winning Harvard University research and extensive operational experience to answer these questions and more.

Here’s what experts are saying about the book:

“For over 30 years, Stuart Meyers has worked in, trained, or commanded Special Weapons and Tactics units, in US and foreign law enforcement agencies. I know of no one more qualified to bring these fascinating case studies to life for those who want to understand how to battle criminals and terrorists while saving lives. An excellent read for professionals and non-professionals alike.”

Brigadier General Kevin Ryan (USA Retired), Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

“Stuart has written an insightful book capturing the many challenges and often-discussed topics related to law enforcement critical incidents and SWAT operations. This book should be added to the reading list of all SWAT personnel and commanders at every level.”

Lieutenant Ed Caneva, SWAT Veteran, Tactical Incident Commander, and Founder of the Miami-Dade Rapid Deployment Force

“A one-of a kind resource for the special operations and broader law enforcement communities.”

Dr. Beth Simmons, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs, Department of Government, Harvard University

Price: $29.95, 207 pages