SWAT Fitness

by Matt Brzycki & Stuart A. Meyers

From nutrition to strength and aerobic training programs, SWAT Fitness is the first book of its kind to provide operationally-related fitness standards for SWAT team personnel.
Here’s what professionals are saying about SWAT Fitness

SWAT Fitness by Matt Brzycki and Stuart Meyers has been added to my list of references for reliable strength and conditioning information. It is must read for anyone interested in obtaining an elite level of physical fitness.”

Dan Riley, Strength Coach
Houston Texans Football Team

SWAT Fitness combines the science, experience, and field-tested training into a comprehensive and highly readable text. This book is a must for anyone who is interested in their physical development.”

Scott Swanson, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

“A comprehensive guide to achieve the ultimate level of physical fitness.”

Dennis Duval, Chief of Police, Syracuse, New York; former SWAT commander and NBA Basketball Player (Washington Bullets)

Price: $24.95 softcover, 336 pages